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Horstman Mfg. Co., Inc. - Product Index
: 1
Puller, for DXL or Steel Nytro clutch models
Rod Bolt Set
1/4-28 SHCS, Reaper
10 Tooth Bushing - HDC5 Clutch
10 Tooth Sprocket - HDC5 Clutch
11 Tooth Drum, HPV
11 Tooth Sprocket - HDC5 Clutch
12-15 Tooth Bearing - HDC5 Clutch
Aluminum Drum Kit - 10 Tooth Sprocket HDC5-A
Aluminum Drum Kit - 11 Tooth Sprocket HDC5-A
Aluminum Drum Kit - 12-15 Tooth Sprocket HDC5-A
Axle Clutch Floater (0.050")
Axle Clutch Floater (0.40")
Axle Clutch, 50mm
Bushing - HDC5 Clutch 11 Tooth 219 & 8 Tooth 35 Chain
Chain #219 112 Links
Chain Breaker #219 P/N 721900
Chain Breaker #35 P/N 723500
Clutch EXPD-A (HPV)
Clutch Model Rev-Grip
Clutch, Greased Lightning
Clutch, HDC5-B - 2 Disc+Rebuild Kit (10,11 or 12 Tooth Sprocket)
Clutch, Reaper
Clutch, Redhawk
Clutch, Rhino II
Clutch, X5-D1
Clutch, X5-D2
Cone Washer, HPV Clutch
Connecting Rod
Diablo Motor
Dowel Pin, HPV Clutch
Dowel Pin, Reaper Lever
Drum - Aluminum, HDC5-A 1 Disc Clutch (Less Sprocket)
DXL Floater, 0.031" Thickness
DXL Floater, 0.040" Thickness
DXL Friction Disc
Exhaust Gasket, HPV
Friction Disc, Axle Clutch
Friction Disc, HDC-5 (L Tab)
Fuel Line Reducer, HPV
Grim Reaper Clutch
Hardware Kit
HDC5 Floater .095"
HDC-55 Wet Clutch
HDC5-B Drum Kit (10 Tooth Sprocket)
HDC5-B Drum Kit (11 Tooth Sprocket)
HDC5-B Drum Less Sprocket
HDC5-C Clutch+ Rebuild Kit (10, 11, 12) Tooth Sprocket
HDC-5CX (10T 219)
HPV Friction Disc
HPV Lever
HPV Piston (52.65 Red)
HPV Piston (524 Red)
HPV Springs
HPV Starter Nut
HPV Weight Support
HPV-1 Manifold
Jam Nut, HPV Clutch
Lever, Reaper
Mad Rhino Clutch
Manifold Gasket, HPV 1
Motor Mount, VW MK4 Dog Bone Mount
Motor Mount, VW MK4 Engine Side Mount
Motor Mount, VW, MK4 Transmission Side Mount
Oil, 1 Quart Nytro Clutch Coolant
Outer Washer, Reaper
Pressure Plate, Reaper
Puller, HDC-5A, B, C, clutch
Reaper Clutch Floater
Reaper Clutch Friction
Reaper Clutch Spring
Reaper Drive Hub, 2 Disc
Reaper Drum
Reaper Friction Disc
Reaper Sprocket Kit
Rebuild Kit, Reaper Clutch
Redhawk Friction
Retainer, Aluminum
Rod Bearing
SkipTooth Sprocket f/Greased Lightning Clutch
SkipTooth Sprocket f/Greased Lightning Clutch
SkipTooth Sprocket, fits Greased Lightning Clutch
SkipTooth Sprocket, fits Greased Lightning Clutch
SkipTooth Sprocket, fits Greased Lightning Clutch
Snap Ring, Reaper 12-23 Tooth
Spanner Wrench DXL 4 Spring
Spanner Wrench DXL 6 Spring
Spanner Wrench HDC-5
Spark Plug Boot, HPV
Springs, Grease Lightning Clutch/Redhawk Clutch
Springs, Retainers, Blueprinted - set of 5 (HDC-5)
Sprocket, Solid #219
Sprocket, Solid #35
Sprocket, Split #35 chain
Sprocket, Split #219
Step Washer, Reaper
Stud Kit
Thrust Bearing, Reaper
Thrust Washer, Reaper
Valve Guides
WB3A Carb Gasket
Weight Support, Reaper
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2371 La Mirada Dr. Vista, CA 92081
760/598-2100 (Office) 760/598-0222(Fax)